Allure Wigs - About Us

Hair is a major staple in the Black community. We learn the importance of maintaining and grooming it from an early age. Often times, we allow our crowns to represent great significance of our social statuses and class.
Unfortunately, there are negative stereotypes that play a role in the perception of our hair. In many cases, we are misjudged and even discriminated for wearing what we consider to be culturally “black” hairstyles. Especially us wig-wearing ladies of color, who are accused of trying to look more "European".

However, we must not forget that the very existence of wigs originated from our ancient ancestors in Kemet (now known as Egypt). Hence, why we created Allure WigsWe are on a mission to empower females with the freedom to switch up her hairstyle without judgment.

Allure Wigs offers the opportunity for women to either blend in or stand out, while making a bold fashion statement with a natural-looking lace unit. Our bespoke hair line is also proudly black-owned and women-owned. 

In addition to offering high-quality products, we also promise you nothing short of outstanding 5-star customer service. Allure Wigs is here to disrupt the hair industry with our custom lace units!

Let us guide you on this alluring journey and book a free consultation. You can also shop our wigs online today. And even if you're just browsing, drop us an email to say hello!